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The Lockdown Office - Writing Life

Lockdown three million and it's finally happened... yes that's right I'm back at the kitchen table.

Let's just take a moment to discuss the journey of my desk.

I have a beautiful office outside that you have to leave the house via the backdoor to get to... Wes is in there and has been since the first lockdown.

When I lost that office I briefly went to the kitchen table, which was rather like working in the middle of a tornado of kids screaming and running through. Then I went to the bedroom with my desk... the little hobo (remember that TV show?) with a MacBook under my arm. After a while though, I realised that I was spending all day in the bedroom, which honestly became a bit depressing. So I moved downstairs into a little cubbyhole by the downstairs loo - I know so very glamorous.

Ahhh but now the kids are home and I'm back with my homeschooling/mum hat on while also working... so here I am... full circle from the beginning of the first lockdown and back at the kitchen table while my middle child has my office by the loo. Here's my new desk... under the stairs with the hamster!

Today is the first day since the beginning of January that I've had a major urge to write so I'm really hoping to get some flow back, I've got my new series brewing in my head which is burning nice and bright, shouting rather loud that it's time to work on it. I'm also editing for the lovely Laura Barnard which is cheering me up!

So think of me today, sat amid utter chaos looking at all my washing up while also teaching phonics to an unwilling five-year-old!

It's going to be a cracker!




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