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Obsession Series

Gold Rush Rebrand cover.jpg

Oscar-winning actress Sophia Jennings knows all too well that the glitz and glamour of Hollywood hides a disturbing and dark underside. 
Battling a destructive addiction, Sophia’s own demons are as dangerous as those of the town around her. 
Unwillingly forced back into the limelight and expected to pick up the pieces of her tattered fame, her life is nothing more than a lie. 
The last person she needs back on the scene is her ex-bodyguard Blake Henderson. Blake left her stranded and at the mercy of the vultures of fame swooping around her five years before. 
But in this dark look at fame and celebrity, where everyone keeps secrets and no one is who they say they are, Blake might be the only one who can protect Sophia from the one threat she can’t evade; herself.

Coming Soon Her Confession

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