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It's a big week!

After months of waiting...okay maybe it's not months but it sure feels like it, tomorrow Tears of Ink is officially live. Reviews are amazing so far and I'm truly humbled by the response it is receiving. Tomorrow is the day everyone gets to hear about it and meet Elijah and Faith. I hope you'll all be keeping your fingers crossed for me!

I've got a recommendation this evening for you, a small town romance that's just released which looks great. I love small town romances, there is something really comforting about them. Tonight here in the UK it's fireworks night, and this sort of book is the perfect type to snuggle under your blanket with and lose yourself in some evocative words.

Tempting Doctor Forever is new out and has some great reviews and it's FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED. You can download it here. Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what what you think.

Tomorrow I'm going to chat about one of my favourite books of all time and why it's still a favourite twenty plus years after first reading!

Happy reading, and don't forget you can still get Tears of Ink for 99c for a couple more days.

Love and hugs.


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