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What's coming up!

It's an exciting couple of weeks... EEEEK! I'm releasing a book in a just over a week. #puke #headinthesand #whyaren'tImoreorganised

There are just so many books out there? How can I compete... well who knows. All I know is I love the book I've written and I think readers are loving it too - that is simply the best I can hope for.

Tomorrow I will be giving you all access the first chapter as a sneaky treat in the run up to release! So stay tuned to meet Faith Hitchin and her one unbreakable rule.

I've had the week off with my husband and children so I haven't been writing or editing. It's hard, because I miss writing so much even when it's just a few days, but my head does feel well rested and I've got some great ideas for book two.

I have also been on a cleaning frenzy! And when I say frenzy, I've been Hinching! Have you heard of this phenomenon yet? If you haven't ,you seriously need to find Mrs Hinch Home on Instagram and give her a follow. She's hysterical and just so full of great ideas. I never thought I'd be so excited to clean, but my house is truly sparkling at the moment and I have more bottles of Zoflora than I know what to do with. My husband doesn't know what to think. I believe for a worrying moment there he thought I was nesting... and with the three kids already I think he'd rather the house was a mess than I went through that again!

I've got a great witchy release to tell you about. One of my favourite authors, Grace White is in a paranormal Fairytale themed anthology, it looks amazing so I'm definitely going to give it a read. Why don't you grab it too and we can do a buddy read? You can grab it here

I'll be in touch tomorrow with the first chapter of Tears of Ink.


Anna xxx

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