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Blogging and my little outlet

It's been a while since I blogged. Honestly, I haven't even thought about it since I started releasing books. It's been a fair while!

I don't know what happened, maybe having my books out there, and knowing people actually wanted to know about me, made me hide away a little.

I don't know. I've got enough going on up between my ears to keep a psychologist busy, so lets not over analyse.

So, if I start this up again what am I going to chat about? Well I don't really know. Maybe my writing, maybe the songs I'm listening to ... maybe if people are lucky what I've cooked for dinner- by the way I've just made an amazing Turkish soup which the kids devoured. I don't want it to be all books and selling, but of course I'm also going to mention my new releases, I work damn hard writing and editing and I want to share what I achieve.

In a nutshell it's going to be me. My life, my loves - even my dog. He's called Max and has a beard. I'll introduce you properly soon. The books I read, the things I love.

I hope you will all stick around and get to know me better!

And by hell, it's good to be back!

With love and hugs


PS: I'm also going to be making my newsletter ore personal so if you're keen please feel free to sign up!

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