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The Week of Releases

On Sunday I woke up decided to release the first instalment of my new New Adult Serial early! That's because I knew that on Friday yes that's right THIS FRIDAY I am releasing Velocity the second in The Gravity Series. Two books in one week - it's an unprecedented by me on all levels.

I can't wait for Velocity to hit Kindles, all my arc readers have loved it so far, and I'm excited to push my new Paranormal / Fantasy career further. I'm also writing a fantasy about a world were magic has been banished. . . this is come along nicely and should be ready for release before the last Gravity book. I'm also working on numerous shorts which I am excited about.

It's been a busy 2017 recently but I'm loving it so far!

Remember you can follow me on Instagram on Annabloomwrites.

I'm also setting up a You Tube channel soon (details to follow)where I will be posting lots of videos about my new books and projects. I can't wait to see you there.

Of course you can find my new books listed under the relevant heading's on my website but here is the gorgeous cover of The Truth About Love - just in case you missed it.

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