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Exciting Times Ahead

It's been such a busy summer. Baby / kids / holiday / writing. The six week summer holiday has flown by . . . but here is the exciting thing. I'm not going back to work! Yippee! I'm throwing myself into my writing on a full time basis and I honestly couldn't be happier. I've got such huge plans I don't know where to begin and I'm rather like a puppy chasing it's tail. Well that's what I've been like, I do now have some definite plans in place which I am eager to share.

Next month Lost will be releasing - It's a prequel novella to Gone and it tells the events of the night that changed Bex and Josh's lives forever and lead to them meeting on the beach in Gone. I loved slipping back into these characters again, which leads me to my next announcement. After a couple of years playing with ideas (I know I took to long) Home the sequel to Gone will be released in December. Gone was always a standalone, but I knew I wanted to carry on the story one way or another and it's now finally happening. In honour of developing one of my favourite books into a series I've had new covers created which I am very excited about. These will be announced shortly so watch this space. . .

Finally and this is the piece of news I'm crazy about. Since I first started writing I've wanted to try my hand at a paranormal story - finally it's happened. The perfect storyline created itself and I went for it. Gravity was created and I am so pleased with it. It will be a two part series. The first of which Gravity will be released in November. It was such a joy to write and I loved being able to push the boundaries of my creativity - it has been one of the happiest writing experiences I've had.

I shall be sending out teasers for Gravity soon so keep reading to find out more about my new favourite characters Bronte and Nick, and just to wet your appetite here is a graphic to get you

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