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Once he was all she wanted, first kisses and forbidden desires. Once she was his only hope when the rest of the world had turned their back.

For Lyra, the boy with cuts and bruises was everything she loved, everything she craved, a teenage fantasy in a bitter and cruel world. Until the night he left.

Now, heartbroken and unwilling to let go, she sets out to fulfill a promise she once made; to play her violin and become a star.

Jack Cross has spent four years escaping the events that forced him to leave his home and never go back. He has a new existence now, one filled with freedom from the destructive cycle he once called life, and one where he has long forgotten what it feels like to be her Blue. He’s changed, hardened and cruel he’s nothing like the boy who ran away.

Until Lyra appears.

Things have changed.

Once he was her brother’s best friend.

Now she’s his secret.

Between them lies a web of secrets and regrets.

But some things never change... can they resist one another, or will the call of their twisted love story finally break them both?