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One devastating prognosis.
One last chance to live a life forgotten
And one night that could change everything.


Julianna Brown’s most recent long term relationship is with her cat. Life and love are chances other people take, not her.
Until the day a visit to the doctors changes the course of her future. Later that night, bruised by a fate that isn’t on her side, Julianna finds herself sat next to mysterious Frenchman at a bar. His request is simple; would you like to share a meal?
Julianna’s answer could change everything. 

As a one-night stand becomes the epitome of love itself and creates a whirlwind of desire and discovery that takes her from London’s Notting Hill to the South of France, Julianna is left wondering one question. What is the price of love and should she have said yes to the meal?

If you had nothing left to lose, would you?


  • "The Last Kiss by Anna Bloom is without question one of the most beautiful and epic love stories we've read, a favourite this year, no hesitation!” TotallyBookedBlog

  • "Beautiful, emotional, tender, heartbreaking...and OH SO ROMANTIC." Angel Payne, bestselling author.

  • "Love, loss and the story in between, The Last Kiss by Anna Bloom is the love story you didn't know you needed to read. Easily my favourite read of 2021." Claire. C. Riley, Bestselling author.

  • "Beautiful, emotional and ultimately uplifting, The Last Kiss is a story that will stay with me a long time... This book gave me all the sighs, in the best kind of aching way. Anna's words are like poetry, and I loved every one of them." Carrie Elks, bestselling author.

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